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Spotify starts selling tickets for in-person concerts

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Spotify has a new initiative to make it easier for users to attend in-person concerts.

It is not just about offering information about new events of our favorite artists within the app, but the proposal is the sale of tickets for concerts.

Spotify now sells tickets for in-person concerts

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Spotify has opened a dedicated web page for the sale of tickets for live concerts. To see what this proposal is all about, you just have to go to Spotify Tickets.

You will see concerts by different artists scheduled for the coming months with all the information you need to attend… date, time and ticket price. And no, it will not direct you to another page to buy the tickets, since you will be able to start the process from the same page.

You just have to select “Buy tickets” to allow you to specify how many tickets you want to buy and continue with the purchase process. You will see that the only condition is that you log in with your Spotify account.

It will ask you for the payment method information that you are going to use, and don’t worry, it will not use the card that you have used for the Spotify premium subscription by default. Once you complete these steps, the process will be finished and you will have your tickets for the concert. It is simple and practical.

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A detail to keep in mind is that you have a time limit of 15 minutes to finish the purchase process, since after that period your order will expire. On the other hand, on this same website you will find a section to see all the details related to the tickets you have bought.

And based on the tickets you have already purchased, you will have a section that shows you both past concerts and those that are about to take place, as if it were your concert schedule. At the moment, this new initiative is working on a trial basis, so it remains to be seen if Spotify decides to implement it as part of its services.

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