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Spotify slap: if you are Amazon Prime now you have all this music

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Amazon Music Prime

Things might change a bit for Spotify from now on. More than anything, because your competition is getting stronger and, if not tell Amazon. And it is that, from this moment, customers with Prime they will have access to more than 100 million songs in random playback without having to wait for the happy ads that could skip between each song to end.

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Overnight, without anyone noticing this great change that Amazon had prepared, those who have Amazon Music Prime will go from having 2 million songs on demand, to over 100 million songs and podcasts without ads as we told you. Although, it is not the only novelty that e-commerce has prepared for its music service.

Amazon Music Changes

If yesterday, those users who had Prime could only access a catalog of 2 million songs for being Prime customers, now they have up to 100 million songs and podcasts. This has been communicated by the online store to its users through an email: «We continue to invest to make Prime even more valuable to its members. To do this, we have improved your Amazon Music Prime benefit at no additional cost«. Therefore, these are the new advantages for its users:

  • More music without ads, they go from having 2 million songs to more than 100 million in random reproduction in addition to a selection of on-demand playlists.
  • Also included podcast without ads and will feature exclusive podcasts.

Amazon Music Prime

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However, these are not the only news that Amazon has prepared For those who already use their music service, we also find that the design of the application has been updated. But, it must be clear that not all the advantages included in Amazon Music Unlimited will be available to users who only pay for Prime from the online store. More than anything, because the rest of the benefits remain exclusive to the Unlimited payment plan.

You can’t choose the music

Although the expansion of the catalog of songs and podcasts is great news for all those users who use the Amazon Music Prime service, the truth is that they will not have all the advantages or, at least, one of the most important that is included in Amazon Music Unlimited: you can’t choose the songs you want. We will only find this benefit if we have contracted Amazon Music Unlimited.

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Keep in mind that this additional service, it costs 9.99 euros per month. Although, this is the individual subscription. If we are several people, we will be interested in hiring the family plan for 14.99 euros per month. This plan includes the possibility of having up to 6 accounts on multiple devices.

And they are not the only benefits that we find, there is also the advantage of listening to the hd songs or enjoy spatial audio. In addition to listening to everything we want when we don’t have an Internet connection and unlimited hops.

Amazon Music Unlimited is on sale for Prime Day 2020

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