Spotify renews the interface of the desktop version with interesting news

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Lately, the streaming music platform is on everyone’s lips. Yesterday we talked about the arrival of Spotify HiFi, which will land at the end of the year to offer a premium alternative to the most audiophile users. And now, the company itself has just announced that it is completely revamping Spotify’s desktop interface. In this way, and as Spotify has reported through a press release, the popular streaming music platform has just renewed its interface to offer a completely renewed design full of surprises. This is the new Spotify interface for desktop As Spotify indicates, the Your Library and Now Playing tabs have been completely changed, making it easier to explore, select, listen and organize Spotify on a computer or web browser. The content area doesn’t change so it will stay the same, but there are some new additions to make it more accessible at hand. For example, you will have access on the left side to Your Library, being able to access the music and podcast collections that you have saved. On the right side of the app, you’ll find the Now Playing view, which shows the current song or podcast you’re listening to. Now you will have more information about the song and the artist, as well as being able to see tour dates or buy merchandise. What if it’s a podcast? Well, here comes a very interesting option: the possibility of following a transcription while listening to the podcast on Spotify. Other functions remain, but change position. Now, you’ll see a new “friends” icon next to your profile picture so you know what they’re listening to. In summary, we leave you with all the changes that come to Spotify with its new desktop interface: Compact mode: by default, you will see an expanded view of your library. But if you just want to see the icons of your playlist, you can simply click the “Your Library” button in the top right corner to collapse the library. Layout Changes: Now, Your Library and Now Playing will occupy less screen real estate. Your Library Improvements: Previously you could only search for playlists with the search bar. Now when expanded the new Library layout allows you to see your dedicated music, podcasts and audiobooks feeds and search your library exclusively. Pinning, Drag and Drop: You can move and pin playlists in the Library as well as place songs in editable numbered playlists. >

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