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Spotify renews its Home on both Android and iOS, is it better than before?

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The number of users who use Spotify as an online music service is counted in the hundreds of millions, so it is logical that the company regularly makes changes to make their lives easier. And, today, it has been known that new changes are going to be included to achieve exactly this. Specifically, what has been known is that modifications are introduced in the Home of the application. And, to the surprise of many, the news arrives first on Android (where the deployment has already begun in some regions) and, later, the same will be done on iOS. Therefore, the way of working has changed quite a bit and the reason is quite clear: the income obtained by users who use Google’s operating system is now higher than what a terminal with Apple’s has. Consequently, this is completely logical. The novelties that arrive at Spotify These are focused on offering an improved user experience, especially when it comes to finding new content that may be to the taste of each person. Thus, apart from showing buttons and icons that are much easier to use, it has advances in both sources and music and podcast recommendations. In this way, the idea is that an advance is achieved so that the operation is much more efficient and personalized when you want to hear something similar to what is playing. In what has to do with music, one of the great improvements has to do with finding content more quickly that fits the musical tastes of users. Thus, for example, the recommendations of albums or playlists are improved. And, in addition, it becomes easier to use the Like buttons or your own to share something that has fit us. Podcasts and events will now be faster and more intuitive to reach the episodes you want to listen to, and recommendations will be given much greater weight in both cases. But if there is something that is sure to be appreciated, it is that the descriptions of the episodes will be more present in the hubs (and you will be able to start playing without having to leave this page). Arrival of these news Well, no date has been confirmed for it, but what is certain is that in some regions in the stable version of Spotify they are already enjoying these changes that, without being very impressive, do have great utility, since their objective is fulfilled perfectly. In other words, they make life much easier for users and make recommendations more effective and easier to find. >

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