Spotify renews its desktop application with these news


All the updates that the Spotify team has announced in recent times are dedicated to its mobile app. We have seen a significant change in its design, as well as functions that were incorporated over time.

On the other hand, the desktop version has been forgotten. Although it has an easy-to-carry design and system for listening to our favorite music, a visual change that renews the proposal is always appreciated.

Spotify has finally listened to users, and has brought a new design to some of the sections of the desktop version, in what it calls one of its “biggest revamps yet.”

New design and features in the desktop version of Spotify

If you take a look at the desktop version of Spotify, you will see that two sections have changed: Now Playing and Library.

The idea is that the new library design will make it easy for users to see all the content they like, with the options to switch between albums or lists, without getting too complicated. And if you don’t want to see so much information, you can opt for the “compact mode” that will only show you the icons of your playlists.

There’s also a kind of tag carousel, just like in the mobile app, so you can filter between artists, playlists, podcasts, etc.

More information about the songs, podcasts and artists

On the other hand, in “Now Playing” it not only shows what is playing, but adds more information about the artist, podcast or song. For example, if you are listening to a podcast, you can use the transcript from the same section.

Or if it’s a song, Spotify might show you additional information about the artist, such as upcoming concert dates. And perhaps one additional change you’ll notice is that the activity section with friends has been completely removed from the interface.

It’s not that it’s been removed from the app, just that it’s now hidden. To go to this section, it will be necessary to click on the “friends” icon that we will see next to our profile picture.

All these new features in the desktop version of Spotify are already being deployed for all users.

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