Spotify on Android Auto does not work or fails: how to solve the most common and frequent errors

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Although according to a study, what is heard the most when we use Android Auto is the radio, streaming applications are another very popular option because what a pleasure it is to take advantage of the

Because that experience of enjoyment listening to music and podcasts from Spotify on Android Auto can be marred by some common and frequent failures and errors, such as your playlists having disappeared or the application not opening: these are the solutions to the main problems of Spotify on Android Auto.

Force arrest

Precisely one of the latest errors detected in Spotify with the Google infotainment system causes our music and podcast catalog to appear empty, which means that we will not be able to listen to them. One of the The most effective solutions are to force the application to close.

Thus, we will go to ‘Applications’ in the Android settings and there we look for Spotify and tap on the ‘Force close’ button.


Install an older version of Spotify

If the failure we referred to in the previous point is not resolved with a forced shutdown, the next thing to try is install an older version of Spotify on your phone (since this error appeared with one of the latest updates).

To do this, we will verify which version we have installed from the ‘Applications’ > ‘Application information’ section of the Android settings. Next, we download a previous Spotify APK, such as version, available on APKPure. In case of error, uninstall Spotify first.

Update to the latest version of Spotify

The third trick that can solve the problem of the disappearance of your music and podcast catalog is to update Spotify to the latest available version. There are several ways to update an app, but one of the most popular is to go to Google Play, tap your profile photo, and enter ‘Manage apps and device. In a few seconds you will see if there are updates available and in ‘See details’, you can update individually if you see that Spotify is among them.

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Restart the phone

A classic that never hurts to try, since sometimes there are background processes and accumulated information that can generate specific errors that are solved with a simple restart of the mobile.

To do this, press and hold the power button for a few seconds and select restart from the menu that appears. Then, when the phone is fully operational, reconnect it to the car console.

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Clear app cache

Small software glitches can be solved by clearing the cache or resetting the application, be it Spotify or any other app, as this serves to resolve errors in operation or even failure to update.

How to clear the cache of an app? On your phone, enter the settings and there go to ‘Applications’, where you will have to scroll until you locate Spotify. Once inside ‘Application information’, access the ‘Storage’ menu and tap on ‘Clear cache’.


Check connectivity and coverage

In view of connection failures, crashes or information that is not updatedThe first thing is to connect the phone to the car console via cable to minimize possible failures and interference and if you already did it, check for possible USB failures in Android Auto. Then check whether the mobile data network is working properly or not as it may be the cause of a track not playing or your library not downloading.

Thus, the main causes of mobile data network problems on Android are leaving data disabled, whether we have data roaming disabled or not, coverage, APN configuration or problems with paying your bill.

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