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Spotify now creates personalized playlists for your sports workouts

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After the arrival of Premium Duo also in Italy, Spotify has already thought of other functions and innovations that could please many users. Among these, the latter concerns a new one personalized playlist dedicated to the sport and in particular to all those who train frequently, whether in the gym or in the park.

The playlist is called Soundtrack Your Workout¬†literally “give a soundtrack to your training”. How is it generated? Just first go to the appropriate web page and start a small quiz that will allow you to determine the average duration of your workout, insert songs and / or podcasts, set the type of workout and even if you do it in the company. Finally, once the musical genre has been decided, the playlist will be created by the system according to your tastes.

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This personalized playlist will be added to all those already existing but which remain “default”. In this way, every user will have the opportunity to listen to his favourite songs and discover new ones, training with even more pleasure and adrenaline (or peace, for those who do yoga).

In January Spotify had released a similar feature that allowed it to even create playlists for pets. A nice and useful function, to have fun also with your cats, dogs, parrots or hamsters.

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