Spotify launches DJ to improve recommendations thanks to artificial intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is increasingly present in all areas of technology. Apart from televisions, it has now also been included in the streaming music service Spotify. The objective of this is to offer better options to users when it comes to recommending content, one of the great values ​​of the platform. The new tool that is included in Spotify is called DJ. With it, we try to make a significant leap in the personalization of the use of the service that is capable of knowing precisely what you like and, in this way, through the use of different algorithms that are more advanced than those existing to date, it is possible to establish recommendations for songs and groups so that using the application on a daily basis is not repetitive. As an idea, it sounds excellent, everything must be said. For now in the test phase on Spotify It must be said that DJ and his use of Artificial Intelligence is being implemented in the test version of the applications for iOS and Android, so the steps are being finalized so that it can be a product completely stable and, therefore, intended for all audiences. Something that is surprising about this new feature is that a list with the recommendations will be generated, but this will include comments on what has been added that can be heard with a completely realistic voice. Besides, the company has indicated that among the functions that will be present in DJ, will be the power to classify music in ranges -including the new content that arrives on the platform-. In this way, recommendations can be obtained by degrees, so it is possible to establish adjustments. In addition, you will also be able to review among the historical favorites that you have marked and, therefore, go back in the moments in which the new Spotify tool believes that it is appropriate to resort to the classics. In addition, buttons are included to be able to indicate that the songs and groups that sound like or not, so that the recommendations can be refined. These, it should be clear, are much more precise because the Artificial Intelligence used exceeds everything previously existing in the music service. How to use the new DJ The steps to take to be able to enjoy this new option, which is already in the applications for mobile devices, are the following: Open Music Feed in the application that we are talking about that is in Spotify’s Home. You have to press Play inside the DJ card. Now, you simply have to let the app do its work, it may take a while, and you will see a timeline in which the songs appear along with the comments chosen for you. You are finished and do not forget to use the buttons below to skip artists, genres, and even moods. >

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