Spotify launches a new List to create your own time capsule

Nostalgia is something that is quite important in music. Everyone remembers songs, for one reason or another, that marked a moment in their lives. Spotify is aware of this, and for this reason it has launched a new list whose objective is to save the titles that each person believes are relevant. In this way, you can listen to the compilation whenever you want. The new option we are talking about is called Musical Capsule List. And, in it, songs that users choose independently are stored. To create it, what you have to do is access the new option in the application and start a small guide that will ask questions to find out the clues that are important. Some examples are those that have been heard live and have liked the most, or those that bring back romantic memories. It takes a while, but the process is not especially long -or complicated-. This is a time capsule type creation. Once all the questions have been answered, the list that is stored is generated and, here comes the curious thing: the content cannot be used until a year has passed -yes, we are talking about January 2024-. In this way, everything is saved to be activated at a specific moment and which, surely, for many may be a surprise… but a positive one. Once the creation is released, it can be shared regularly with contacts and even on social networks (for which the following hashtag has been enabled: #PlaylistInABottle). First of all, very curious what Spotify has thought. One of the things that you must take into account when looking for this new option in Spotify is that you must have the latest version of the streaming music application we are talking about installed, otherwise you will not be able to see the section that lets you get started with the list building process. By the way, this new feature is available to both paid users and those who use a free account of the platform. That is, it is for all audiences. Direct access to create your list on Spotify If you don’t feel like carrying out the process from your smartphone or tablet, you should know that a website has been enabled where you can do it completely. To use it, simply use this link and start the necessary steps in a simple way and on a much larger screen. Therefore, you should not be afraid of running out of your Spotify music capsule list, since the options enabled are many. >