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Spotify joins the worst possible trend

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spotify has joined the worst possible industry-related fad. The world of technology is constantly changing, thanks in part to the development of updates and the brutal speed with which everything is transformed. However, there is a business trend that seems to have spread recently, a practice that directly affects the sector and, especially, all those who are part of it. Spotify’s corporate restructuring After learning just a few days ago that Google was going to fire more than five percent of its staff immediately and suddenly, Spotify’s plans have now come to light. If we take into account that both Twitter and Meta have been doing this for a few months… This is one of the technology companies that are being rocked by recession, inflation, political instability and the economic crisis. As reported by the company’s own CEO, Daniel EK, Spotify is also going to lay off six percent of its workforce. The purpose of the company is none other than to restructure the company, cut costs and be more efficient when managing the services they offer. We don’t know if this will affect the price of subscriptions or if there will be other large-scale changes, but the current situation is what it is. It has been the managers themselves who have assumed the blame for what happened. This is common in technology companies. CEOs often use the card of: Bad decisions Bad management Options that did not go well Hasty actions Bad advice Be that as it may, the situation has affected several hundred workers. How many people have been fired from the company? If we take into account that Spotify had around 10,000 employees on the payroll and the workforce has been reduced by six percent… That means that some 600 workers have lost their jobs. However, the dismissal is not sudden and Daniel EK himself has revealed what his next steps will be: Private conversations with those affected Compensation agreement Six months of severance pay Medical insurance payment As we have said, we do not know if this will affect users from an experience point of view when consuming Spotify services. Probably not. However, we are waiting for more news. >

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