Spotify is testing an audio feature for users to record their reactions

Spotify is running a new experiment in the app, which encourages users to react to playlists with recordings.

Yes, audio reactions that could be posted like podcast episodes. At the moment, it is only being tested with a limited group of users, but it already lets you know what this new dynamic is about.

Audio reactions on Spotify

As mentioned in TC, Spotify is testing a new audio feature that encourages users to react to playlists through audio recordings.

In other words, the user will be able to record a message mentioning what he thinks of the content, if there are songs that he likes, if they remind him of a time in his life or any thought that he wants to share with the creator of the playlist.

Apparently, this option will be at the top of the playlist, along with buttons to share, download or expand the list with recommended songs. The option to record our reaction will have a microphone icon, and when we press it, a message like “What do you think? Record an episode to share your thoughts on the playlist”, along with the button to start recording.

You can record in one go or create multiple clips by pausing the recording. And it can even be edited to add background music and tags. So in a way, Spotify encourages users to improvise a podcast from their reactions to the playlist using, and using only their phones.

What will happen to that recording? One possibility is to post it to the profile of the user who created the playlist so that the rest of the audience can listen to it as a podcast episode. At the moment, it is only a test, so we will have to wait to see how Spotify decides to implement this dynamic in the app.