Spotify is distributing support for the new Android 13 audio player

The distribution of support to the android media player 13the one that appears in the notification curtain, in the official Spotify app: as we know it is one of the most conspicuous innovations, at least from the point of view of the graphical interface, yet third-party developers have not been exactly diligent in adopting it (after all, there are still relatively few updated smartphones – Google Pixel, a truly impressive number of Samsung Galaxy and a few other exceptions). The Spotify version involved is, and for now it’s only available in beta channel. For the moment, registrations are closed, so if you are not already part of the test program you will have to wait for the release in stable form.

The player starts with a square pause button with very rounded corners that transforms, with a very fluid animation, into a perfectly circular, right-aligned play button. In the bottom line we have the seek bar with the now famous “worm” animation and on both sides the buttons for the next and previous track.

The additional actions, chosen by Spotify, are shuffle and heart to indicate a favorite content. When you’re playing a podcast, buttons appear to skip forward 15 seconds, increase playback speed, and add content to your library. Of course, the more extensive implementation of album art as the widget background is also part of the experience.

The current state the fingers of one hand are enough to count the apps that support the new widget (if we don’t consider those created by Google itself): in addition to the new Spotify Beta there are SoundCloud, Pocket Casts and Shazam. Big absent, at least for now, Pandora, Apple Music and Tidal. Among the Google apps, it is worth mentioning YouTube Music, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Chrome, Recorder and Play Books.