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Spotify has a new feature to remove background noise from podcasts

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Spotify wants to improve the dynamics for podcast creators on the platform with a new feature.

A new tool that will improve the quality of podcasts without the need for expensive equipment. We tell you what it is about.

So you can improve the audio quality of your podcasts

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The Spotify team announced “Audio Enhancement”, a new feature that we will find in the Anchor mobile application.

This function solves one of the common problems when we record a podcast. Yes, being in a noisy environment, either because the neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking, your nephews screaming, a busy street, etc.

Although you can use noise-canceling equipment, Spotify makes it easier for you with this new feature:

Audio Enhancement in Anchor is your most valuable audio editing tool. A single touch can automatically reduce background noise while leveling your voice and bringing it to the fore. The result is better-sounding audio, even if it was recorded in a noisy coffee shop, on the subway, or with babies crying in the background.

That is, you will not need to resort to a new microphone or equipment for noise cancellation, since you can solve the problem from the Anchor app. When you finish recording your podcast, it is only necessary to click on “Improve” so that the background noise is reduced, thanks to the work of the algorithms.

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You can turn the feature on or off during audio playback to check that the quality has improved. And of course, once you’ve recorded your podcast, you can upload it to Spotify, or any other platform, without having to go through third-party tools to try to improve the audio.

This new feature is available in the Anchor app for iOS and Android so creators can use it for free.

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