Spotify for Windows is updated and has a new design, is it better now?

A new update of the Spotify application for the Windows operating system is being rolled out and, in it, apart from correcting errors and optimizing its operation, new features have been found in what has to do with its design. And, the truth is that almost all of them seem to be a total success. Obviously, what there isn’t is a change in how it works, so you won’t have to learn anything new to be able to enjoy the lists or songs that you like the most on the most widely used streaming music platform in the world. In addition, it is important to point out that the new options, which also affect the web version of Spotify, can be enjoyed whether you have a free or paid account. That is, they are universal. The most important changes that come to Spotify Basically, we are talking about modifications in the user interface that have been changed and that practically all of them allow the use of the application on computers with a Windows operating system to be much simpler and more intuitive. To begin with, there are changes that affect the activity icon of friends, as well as the icon that identifies the user himself. In the first case, it must be said that it is located in the lower right area, and allows you to see at a quick glance what those users who indicate that they are Friends are doing. In what has to do with the representative of the own profile, this is larger, so it is much more comfortable to see, something that many are sure to appreciate. In addition, there is now a new search bar next to the start button (which, by the way, is now at the top of the app, in a similar way to mobile clients, which allows faster access) . The point is that this addition prevents you from having to click on the corresponding option in the menu on the left, which is much more efficient. Other things that have been changed is that the windows now have more rounded corners, something that is also included in the images that are displayed and in the menus of the Spotify application. Therefore, the development is more visually pleasing. Can you download this update now? Well, simply by updating from the Windows application store, you get the new features that we mentioned before for free (the download from the Spotify website also has the changes included). Consequently, from now on you can have options as interesting as the new search bar integrated into the main screen. >