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Spotify first to bring its payment system to the Play Store, also in Italy

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The agreement signed in March between Google and Spotify for in-app purchases on the Play Store is realized

According to the provisions of User Choice Billing (UCB) *users of the streaming music platform will now have the freedom to choose their preferred payment method, whether Google’s Play Billing or Spotify’s direct one.


* “A pilot program that allows participating developers to try out offering an alternative billing option in addition to the Google Play billing system and is designed to help us review offering this choice to users.”

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The Swedish company is the first to have joined the pilot project whose goal is the evaluate the functioning of the double billing system. As Google explains,

our intention is to understand the intricacies of supporting UCB developers and users in countries around the world, while maintaining a safe and positive user experience.

For the moment, users from Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan European Economic Area (therefore also Italy) to which the United States, Brazil and South Africa are now added. Over the next few weeks, the test will also be extended to other markets.


We are thrilled to be the first to try UCB with Google and are particularly proud that our collaboration opens up new opportunities for other developers as well.

Spotify is therefore the first partner, soon experiments with other developers will start to gradually extend the UCB to other applications available on the Play Store. Among them will be the dating app Bumble: chats, friends, meetings which has already entered into a partnership with Google to kick off the testing phase.

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We remind you that for the moment the program is intended only for developers with registered activities and mobile apps for smartphones or tablets not game.

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