Spotify finally launches one of the functions that we have been waiting for for years

spotify finally launches one of the functions that we have been waiting for for years
spotify finally launches one of the functions that we have been waiting for for years

The desktop version of Spotify finally has a mini player, which takes up less space, but maintains the basic controls.


If you came to this article thinking that Spotify was finally going to receive music in high definition , we are sorry to disappoint you; For the moment, we will have to opt for alternatives to Spotify to listen to our favorite music at the best quality. But at least, another of the big complaints from users has finally been answered.

We are talking about the Spotify app for Windows and Mac computers, which last year received a complete renovation that brought it closer to the mobile app, for better and worse. Among the changes were a new visual style and new features, such as a new way to manage the song library and the “Playing” view, with additional artist and song information.

However, even this big update was not entirely complete, and there were still some features left to be implemented; Some have been appearing in recent months, but the best of all is, without a doubt, the one that has been announced today.

Spotify mini player


We are talking about the new Spotify mini player , a reduced version of the interface that takes up less space on the desktop and can remain together with other programs. It’s just what many users were missing, and it can be a real reason to use the app again. Not in vain, it was one of the functions most requested by users in the official Spotify forums, and there were already very popular programs to obtain a similar function.

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The mini player is something that many music playing apps have had for decades. This is a very stripped-down interface, containing only the basic playback controls , song title, artist, and album cover art. Here you won’t find any of the distractions added to Spotify in recent years, so it’s ideal for those of us who simply want to listen to music on the computer.

New Spotify mini player Spotify

The version created by Spotify also seems especially good. The player can have a dynamic size, and that means that we can enlarge or reduce it to the size that is most comfortable for us; If we make it very small, it remains just a small bar with the play button and the next button.


An important detail is that the mini player does not replace the Spotify app ; It is just an option that we can activate if we want, but the main player is still accessible. This is important, because the mini player has no way to access the lists, so we have to queue content in the main app. The mini player works with both music and podcasts.

The mini player is gradually reaching all users of the Spotify Premium subscription. It appears as a new button right next to the full screen and volume buttons.