Spotify expands video podcast publishing globally


Months after expanding video podcasting capabilities to all creators in select markets, including the United States, Spotify just announced now what these capabilities are rolling out globally, reaching all creators in over 180 markets worldwidebeing practically almost all markets where Anchor is available.

However, the company has not yet ruled on the degree of adoption that this format is having since it was launched in tests last year, so it is unknown if its implementation came to modify the habits of users in the application, such as the possible increase in usage time, among other factors, so we still cannot get an idea of ​​the weight that it will have within everything that Spotify already offers.

Video podcasts as Spotify’s bet to diversify content

With the expansion, it is logical that it could make possible an increase in the creations of video podcasts, although this aspect must also be reported by the company in the future to also find out if the creators have decided to remain in their current tools such as of YouTube or opt for the audiences that they can achieve within Spotify, where according to Spotify, it counts with more than 456 million monthly listeners.

What is certain is that this launch could be a setback for YouTube, where complementary videos of podcast episodes published on other platforms are usually published, since Spotify means that the balance can tip in its favor in some aspects.

In this sense, creators can toggle between creating audio podcast episodes and creating video podcast episodes.

Also, users can view podcast episodes that are in video format or have them in the background as if they were also audio podcast episodes, an aspect that even users of free accounts will be able to enjoy, when this aspect is exclusively available for paid subscribers in case of YouTube.

We’ll see if YouTube takes action, especially since Kai Chuk came to the Google platform last year to strengthen video podcasts on YouTube.

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