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Spotify Debuts Two Podcast-Only Hit Charts

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Spotify continues betting on podcasts in its mobile application: the company just included two charts with which to discover new programs to listen to. These additions are the top of podcasts and the podcasts that are trending, both are automatically organized for each country.

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Talking about music streaming involves saying the name Spotify, a music platform that has made access to millions of songs almost universal. Both under a subscription and for free Spotify offers content for all tastes and concerns. And not just music: with the latest efforts to boost podcasts within applications Spotify has managed to become one of the most used players. And it does not want to stay there since it aspires to be a way to discover new programs.

Most listened to podcasts and trends, new ‘tops’ of Spotify

Spotify Podcast Lists

Spotify has been accumulating a good collection of podcasts available directly from its application: it is enough to carry out a search to find a specific one among the immense amount of topics included. And of course, often it is difficult to decide on one if you do not have many references; hence Spotify is equating music charts to podcasts.

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Spotify has introduced two compilations of hits related to podcasts. With them, the platform recommends new programs based on the number of downloads (Top) and depending on how the latest reproductions (Trends) are rising. Both compilations are updated depending on the country, a point that makes it easier to find content related to the tastes of each user.

To access the new podcast lists, do the following:

  • Go to the bottom ‘Search’ tab and scroll down to ‘Explore all’.
  • Enter ‘Podcasts’.
  • Click on ‘Successes in podcasts‘.
  • There you will see the charts for your country. If you click on ‘Country charts’ you will be able to choose any other to discover what is moving in that territory.
Spotify Podcast Lists Spotify lets you see podcast lists from other countries
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The new podcast lists already appear in the Spotify application, also in the web version. You don’t need to update your Spotify, just follow the steps to find them, whether you are Premium or use the free account. Surely they end up also appearing on the cover of the application.

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