Spotify closes Stations, its free streaming music app

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In 2018, Spotify began testing Stations, a free music streaming app, a kind of radio in which users could choose different predefined stations depending on the type of music they wanted to listen to.

After just four years of life, Spotify announces that it is closing Stations, a free streaming music service with different stations of varied musical styles

The platform first launched Stations in its Android version and later released an adaptation for iOS. In the past week, Spotify has started notifying Stations users that the app will be shutting down on May 16.

In its informative message, Spotify reminds its users that they can visit the Stations official website Y move your playlists to the main app of the platform.

Spotify Stations

At the service of Stations it is accessed with the same keys as Spotify, so you need to have an account to use it. The app includes ads and gives the user some flexibility, but not too much. It allows, for example, skipping songs but not choosing the one you want to listen to. The ability to create playlists is the only custom option that Stations offers.

The application allows the user generate your own stations to add to your favorite singers or your most listened to playlists. You can choose the names of your created stations and add or remove artists. However, the app does not allow you to add artists and stations that are based on the Spotify playlist. In addition, the app does not offer the possibility of modifying the quality of the music or being able to obtain detailed information about the song.

As explained by Spotify, the Stations project it was simply “an important learning path” to improve the experience of its users. After that trial is complete, the features of Stations will be included in the main Spotify app.


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