Spotify Audience Network and Podsights – more podcast merchandising

spotify audience network and podsights – more podcast merchandising.png
spotify audience network and podsights – more podcast merchandising.png

Spotify gives advertisers new ways to market podcasts better and to analyze campaigns via reporting.


Spotify wants to get better – when it comes to advertising. For this purpose, the Spotify Audience Network and Podsights are introduced in Germany. Two new ways to launch campaigns and monitor their effectiveness. “The launch of Podsights is the latest in a series of innovations Spotify has driven to take podcast and audio advertising to the next level as listenership continues to grow,” the blog post reads.


The audio streaming service explains why Spotify is doing this with expected advertising sales of around 1.5 billion euros by the end of 2023 in Europe. Spotify Audience Network is now open to all advertisers in Germany to enable greater reach and optimal scaling for podcast campaigns. Specifically, it’s about “target group-based targeting”, i.e. ads before and during podcasts.

Podsights are real-time insights about the podcast campaigns “that you can access at any time and across all channels – for delivery on Spotify and also outside the app.” This allows advertising effects to be analyzed. Accordingly, Rene Hartwig explains to the marketing agency OMG: “We know that digital audio works very well when it comes to improving consumer attitudes and motivating them to take action.”

According to Spotify, Podsights uses “pixel-based attribution to measure digital KPIs such as website visits, purchases and app downloads”. This should bring more transparency to podcast advertising. Spotify bought the New York-based company called Podsights earlier this year. At the time of the takeover, it was already said that the technology should not only be used in podcasts, but that it would also be possible to insert advertising in pieces of music and videos.

Spotify also acquired Chartable, also a US company. This should be able to show where the listeners come from. It is not clear whether Chartable technology is already being used.

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