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Spotify announces that it will offer audiobooks, and this is going to change the market

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It is very clear that Spotify is intensely looking for markets to enter so as not to have a complete dependence on music (which will always be its main business, of course). The fact is that the company itself has just announced that in a short time it will offer its users the possibility of using audiobooks. And this will be his third leg after songs and podcasts. This type of content allows you to listen to a book narrated so that you don’t have to read (or take advantage of times when it is difficult to do so, such as when you are walking). It is true that last year the purchase of the Findaway company was carried out -still to be approved-, which works in this segment of the market, which was already a very significant movement. The fact is that the CEO of Spotify has confirmed the landing with all of the law when it comes to offering audiobooks. What does this move from Spotify mean? Well, a radical change in the audiobook market. Currently, the companies that offer this type of content have a very clear way of working: purchase the content (for amounts generally above 10 euros) or, failing that, monthly fees that allow access to a catalog and that are usually have a price of 15 euros more or less. And this will be radically different from what Spotify has in mind, which wants to maintain the Freemium model that characterizes all its products. That is, access to audiobooks with advertisements to maintain the good health of the business and, if desired, have a payment account so as not to have to listen to these. The first is the one that will remove the foundations of what is known to date, because it will allow creators or publishers to monetize their releases and personally manage their business. In addition, this will allow users to be reached in a massive way, something that will not happen at the moment, since audiobooks are currently a niche product. The dates that are handled Without indicating a specific one by Spotify, everything indicates that it will be next year when the audiobooks will be able to be enjoyed by users who have an account in the cloud service we are talking about. The truth is that this decision is very positive for the company to diversify its business, and possibly the users will be very favored. This is because finding content of this type in a way like before was not possible. Now it remains to be seen if there is enough claim for the best creators to decide to put their novelties on the platform or prefer the business model that companies like Amazon or Audible have. >

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