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Spotify, a significant restyling of the home screen is coming

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Spotify announced a significant restyling of the initial screen of its mobile app for Android and iOS: the main novelty is the arrival of two filters, which can be recalled from the respective buttons at the top, one dedicated to music and the other to other types of content, in particular podcasts and shows. Basically, the home screen collects suggestions from both categories, pressing the buttons focuses on one of the two while eliminating the others.

07 21 Spotify New Home Feed

It can be argued that this separation is especially convenient for podcast listeners, as the filter makes the interface much more like that of a specialized app, with tips, new episodes and much more. It is not clear if this is expected, but it seems not: it might be nice to implement a “memory” so that the user always returns to their favorite view every time they open the app without having to manually select the filter, but we will see .

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As we know, for Spotify, podcasts are a crucial element of its expansion strategy, so it is only natural that society always seeks new solutions to enhance them and make them as comfortable and intuitive as possible to consume. After all, the problem of offering multiple types of content in a single app makes it more complicated to develop a balanced interface without sacrificing anything.

Spotify says that the novelty is already being distributed on Android, while for iOS there will still be a while to wait – no exact dates, just a terse “soon”. We have no details for the desktop and web apps. In any case, we leave you the download links below.

  • Spotify: Music and Podcasts | Android | Google Play Store, Free (in-app purchases)
  • Spotify: Music and Podcasts | iOS | Apple App Store, Free (in-app purchases)
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