Spot will soon be sold with a robotic arm and Boston Dynamics even sees him as a perfect home helper.

Spot will soon be sold with a robotic arm and Boston Dynamics even sees him as a perfect home helper.

In recent weeks, Boston Dynamics has finally put its Spot robot dog on sale for all kinds of companies (in the United States). The adventure of the most famous robot mascot of all does not end here, the company plans to add as an accessory for sale a robotic arm with which to considerably increase its capabilities. Likewise, its CEO believes that at some point It will be an ideal companion to help with household chores.

According to VentureBeat, the founder of Boston Dynamics, Marc Raibert, has revealed plans for Spot in the medium and long term. He has done it in an online conference Collision from Home 2020 and in it, he has talked about what they have prepared for Spot soon. And it is that, although currently, the ideal use they recommend for Spot is to do dangerous tasks for a human, they want to expand this to more activities.

Moving furniture, delivering packages and even picking up dirty clothes

The first thing that we will see soon is the arrival of a robotic arm attached to Spot to enhance its capabilities. This robotic arm is not really new, we already saw it in some test videos, although now they plan to sell it as an external accessory. The external accessories of Spot are generally attached to its upper part and allow it to improve in certain functions as we saw when they put it on sale.

This robotic arm will arrive in the coming months and Ensures the CEO of Boston Dynamics that “opens vast horizons on the things that robots can do”. To demonstrate this they show in the video how the robotic arm can open a door, but also how it handles levers with precision for example.

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On the other hand, Marc Raibert has revealed his vision of the future for Spot as part of the home. Currently, this is impossible since Spot is not certified for use at home or near children because it is not safe for this type of activity. However “one day it will be,” says the founder of Boston Dynamics. As an example, they teach how Spot can already move large furniture by dragging it with his robotic arm or how he autonomously collects dirty clothes in a house. Finally, they see viability also as a parcel delivery man.


Spot’s development in a sense has only just begun, even if it takes years. And is that the company has future plans for him where for example also other companies get involved creating their own accessories and contributing ideas to conceive Spot as a platform rather than as a product.