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Sports headphones: The top 10 Bluetooth headphones for fitness, training & jogging Training, whether in the studio, running or cycling, is more fun with music or podcasts. TechStage shows 10 sports headphones that do everything. 4:00 p.m. tech stage

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If you go to sports, you usually have your smartphone with you. This should not only track the training, but can also deliver music, audio books or podcasts at the same time. They prevent monotony or can bring the right boost to fully exhaust yourself. But how does the sound get into the ear? bluetooth speakers (theme world) are a solution, but they annoy everyone around them – and they don’t make any sense when running.

Sweat-resistant headphones are better. They are quiet and for the most part have a more focused and high quality sound. For sports, we definitely recommend a Bluetooth version. Not only are many smartphones now missing jack sockets, there is nothing more annoying when the cable gets caught somewhere and the plugs are ripped out of your ears. Bluetooth headphones have another advantage: you can connect to a sports watch like the Garmin Fenix ​​7 (test report) , which comes with its own music player. Then the smartphone can stay at home completely.

This top 10 is a little different than our other leaderboards. Not only is the market for dedicated sports headphones much clearer than for ANC headphones (best list) . The devices also differ in terms of technology and shape. That’s why we’re showing ten Bluetooth headphones from the tests in our sports headphones theme world that we can recommend here. In this case, the order is exceptionally not a ranking.

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Most headphones can take a little sweat, even if they don’t have an IP rating. But sports headphones go a little further here. In order for them to be included in our test field, they must at least be protected against spray water (IPX4), jet water is better (IPX5). Then you can continue to use it even after extensive training or a downpour, and even wiping it with a damp cloth for hygiene reasons is no problem.

However, sports headphones have to fulfill a second task: a firm fit. It doesn’t help if you have to keep stopping and reinserting the headphones while running. There are two dominant forms: brackets that fit over the ear and wings that hold the headphones in the ear.

For this leaderboard, we only use headphones that are designed for sport and that really grip when you work out.

1st digit Protection against contact / foreign bodies 2nd digit protection against water
0 unprotected 0 unprotected
1 Protection against foreign bodies > 50 mm / protection against contact with the back of the hand 1 Protection against dripping water
2 Protection against foreign bodies > 12 mm / protection against contact with fingers 2 Protection against dripping water < 15 °C
3 Protection against foreign bodies > 2.5 mm / protection against contact with tools 3 Protection against spray water
4 Protection against foreign bodies > 1 mm / protection against contact with wire 4 Protection against splashing water
5 Protection against dust / protection against contact 5 Protection against water jets
6 dustproof, protection against contact 6 Protection against heavy water jets
/ X 7 Protection against temporary submersion
/ X 8th Protection against permanent immersion
Source: Heise.de

Most manufacturers rely on sports headphones in in-ear format, which are held on with wings in the ear or a hook behind the ear. Most of the devices do without cables and come in true wireless format. The two earplugs communicate wirelessly with each other and the smartphone. The devices cost more, but come with a carrying case that not only keeps them safe, but also charges them at the same time. This ensures that the devices are almost always full. The cases themselves charge via a USB cable, with USB-C becoming the norm more and more.

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However, many older devices still have Micro-USB. The cable headphones are less common, but they can convince above all with a low price. Here it is only important that the battery and the remote control are properly balanced on the cable, otherwise the cable will uncomfortably sway back and forth when running.

Besides these forms, there are a few exceptions with more exotic designs. These include sunglasses with integrated speakers, on-ears with washable ear pads or bone conduction headphones.

In addition to several silicone plugs, sports headphones usually come with silicone wings of different sizes. For the perfect fit during training, you should experiment a bit and try different sized plugs and wings. You don’t have to use the same sizes on both sides, ears can be different. A good fit not only ensures more safety during training, but can also significantly increase the sound quality.

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Our first suggestion is for those who are looking for a cheap second pair of headphones for sports. The Jlab Go Air Sport (test report) deliver good sound quality, as well as the stable fit and long battery life.

We didn’t like the touch controls as much. Jlab has built in weird, unintuitive controls. For example, a single tap changes the volume, and a double tap pauses playback. This is impractical when running.

For just under 35 euros you get a good pair of sports headphones, but they lack ANC and support for high-res codecs. Still, for this price you get a good set of headphones that can stay in your gym bag.

Tired of in-ear headphones? Then the choice is small, especially if you want over-ear or on-ear headphones. A good alternative are the Adidas RPT-01 (test report) . The headphones score with excellent battery life, good sound and clever controls. The highlight: the ear cushions can be removed and washed off with a slight anti-clockwise rotation.

With this, the Adidas designers have solved the biggest problem that on-ears have in sports. Because the artificial leather collects the sweat – which leads to broken and disgusting upholstery in the medium to long term. In addition, they stink a lot over time. Not so with the Adidas RPT-01, simply twist off, wash off, dry and it fits again.

The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless (test report) are good all-round headphones for sports and the office. Thanks to the four enclosed wings, you can insert them securely in your ear and carry out even the wildest training sessions.

We really liked the sound of the Sennheiser Sport True Wireless. The sound is rich and full, you can tell that Sennheiser has a clue about audio. There are two modes that can be switched with different silicone attachments. So you can switch between a focus and aware mode.

We tested the Bose Sport Earbuds (test report) back in 2020, but they haven’t gotten any worse since then. Thanks to the silicone wings, they fit perfectly and comfortably, and there is a great sound.

In addition, the earbuds do not separate the user from the outside world as much as the Sennheiser, so they are also useful when you are on the road. The big point of criticism in the test was the price, but it has now fallen to around 150 euros.

We liked the Adidas ZNE 01 ANC (test report) in the test. They are among the few sports headphones that offer good noise cancellation. In addition to a good sound, we particularly liked the design. Because the headphones do not have brackets or wings, they still sit firmly in the ear during sports. In our opinion, they are an insider tip.

Amazon ‘s Echo Buds (test report) are aimed at fans of the Alexa system. If you don’t use the assistant from Amazon, you lose part of the function – but these are successful headphones for everyday use. The highlight: the package includes silicone wings, with which you can also use the headphones for sports. The sound is good across the board and the battery life is also convincing.

The Bose Frames Tempo (test report) hide speakers and technology in the temples of the sports sunglasses. When listening to the test, we are always surprised by the great sound, which only comes out a little at full volume. It is practical that the ears remain free, when cycling, for example, you can easily hear the surroundings. Not only music, but also audio books or podcasts come out of the speakers in a solid and easy to understand way. The only drawback is the very high price.

Aftershokz is now called Shokz, but the principle of audio transmission remains the same: Instead of speakers, they use vibrations on the temples to transmit the sound. This worked well with the predecessors for songs, but fell through with podcasts or audio books.

The successors are a bit better, but you can still hear the sound clearly in the area. The Pro version ( here the test by the colleagues from heise+ ) has a slightly stronger bass.

Jabra makes high-end headphones and the Elite Active 65t (review) are no exception. Additional features can be activated, especially in combination with the app. This also includes the Hear-Through mode, where you can still hear the surroundings. If you prefer to disconnect, you can activate the focus mode. The sound quality does not set new standards, but is above average, especially in combination with the app.

The reason we have the 2020 headphones in the list is because of the price. The RRP at the time was just under 190 euros, much too high. In the meantime, however, you can sometimes get the headphones for less than 70 euros, which is definitely worth a look.

A few older headphones, but the JBL Reflect Flow (test report) can still compete with many other headsets today. They are protected against water by IPX7, so you can even take them for a swim – as long as you stay on the surface. (and placed the phone in such a way that the Bluetooth connection remains stable). We were convinced by the bomb-proof fit, which separates the user well from the outside world.

The operation is great, the sound is balanced, but a bit too bass-heavy. This is typical for sports headphones. A real highlight is the battery life, which was between eight and nine hours in the test.

Finally, we want to break a lance for the sports headphones with cable operation. These include the Sennheiser CX Sport (test report) . They came out in 2018, but we still use them occasionally. Unlike true wireless models, a cable connects the two earbuds, the controller and battery are on this. This takes weight off the earbuds. Here it is only important that the weight on the cable is well distributed – and Sennheiser manages that without any problems.

Wired operation means you don’t have to tap your ear while running or cycling, just grab your collar. That can be a lot more convenient. The app is optional for operation, but we recommend installing it. Because the equalizer gives you a much better sound.

With Bluetooth headphones for sports, the technology rotates more slowly. Many older top models are still available and finally in reasonable price ranges. The Jabra Elite Active 65t (test report) are a vivid example of this. But the cheap models, such as the Jlab Go Air Sport (test report) can also convince. It’s a pity that there is so little choice when it comes to form factors. If you don’t want in-ears, you can only reach for the Adidas RPT-01 (test report) , bone conduction headphones from Shokz or the Bose Frames Tempo audio glasses (test report). The Adidas headphones surprised us positively, not only do they have a great sound, but also good operation and a solid battery life.

Many current in-ears are already protected against sweat and moisture due to their processing. However, it is often the tight fit that spoils the fun. There is simply a difference between leisurely strolling through the city and running a trail at high speed. This is especially true for the Apple Airpods (test report) , which like to shake their ears out during training. If you absolutely don’t want a second set of headphones, you should read the accessories guide for Apple Airpods and Airpods Max , where we found silicone straps and attachable silicone wings for the Apple headphones.

The test is part of our Sports Headphones theme world . In line with this, we also recently updated the leaderboards for fitness trackers and our top 10 sports watches .

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