Spoiled for choice when it comes to ultrabooks and convertibles: Warentest compares 18 mobile computers, all of which are "Well" – nevertheless there are big differences

Finding a laptop that really fits is not easy. It becomes even more complicated when all devices are “good” in comparative tests. Stiftung Warentest nevertheless provides useful tips on how to make the right choice.

Stiftung Warentest last tested classic notebooks in September (find out more here). The verdict at the time was clear: Only the “Apple MacBook Pro 16″ (MK183D/A)” is very good (1.5), the rest “good”. As long as money is not an issue, the choice for devices with large screens is correspondingly easy. It becomes more complicated in the latest Product test edition, because this time there are 18 particularly mobile laptops, so-called ultrabook and convertibles – and all are “good”. Nevertheless, there are valuable tips.

An ultrabook is a high-performance, lightweight laptop of conventional design with a screen diagonal of up to 14 inches.

One speaks of a convertible if the device can be converted into a tablet, for example if you can fold the display completely onto the back and then make entries directly on the display. According to the Stiftung Warentest, the candidates differ from a notebook in that they are significantly lighter and offer less screen space. If you actually only work in a few places where there is enough space, the testers recommend buying a notebook of sufficient size.

Apple also clears up small computers

If you’d rather have a lightweight calculator, but don’t need a device that can be transformed, you can’t get past Apple again. According to the product test, this is the best and most expensive ultrabook MacBook Pro (model MNEP3DA) with a 13-inch screen diagonal and M2 processor for 1450 euros. It was rated “good” (1.6). The device was particularly convincing in the sub-disciplines functions (i.e. speed of applications and everyday tasks) as well as battery and display. Also in startest, the device was able to demonstrate its strengths (learn more here).

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In second place is found with the MacBook Air M2 (MLXY3D/A) also an Apple device, it was rated “good” (1.7). Compared to the Pro model, only the battery performed a little worse, otherwise the devices are quite similar according to the data sheet. It’s a different story in the stern test, where the Air turned out to be the better choice (find out more here). However, the price of 1390 euros does not make it easy to decide between Pro and Air – personal preferences count here.

The best Windows Ultrabook comes from LG. That LG Gram (14Z90Q-G.AA54G) also gets the grade “good” (1.7) and particularly impressed with a very good battery, which lasted 12:20 hours in everyday use and thus got the best result in the test. In addition, the weight of 970 grams is at the lower end of the scale, it is only much lighter with another device. LG is always cheaper than Apple, the Gram costs 1100 euros.

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Speaking of which: if you want a good device at a minimal price, Warentest recommends taking a look at it Huawei Matebook 14 (53012PEY KLVD-WFH9) for 750 euros. The device received the grade “good” (2.1) in the test and delivered good results in all sub-disciplines. However, the price is reflected on the scales – because at just under 1.5 kilograms, the Huawei is among the heaviest specimens in the test. At the same time, it delivers the second worst battery performance and gave up after about seven hours.

If you want flexibility, go for Samsung

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The comparison table of the convertibles is Apple-free zone – because the company does not manufacture such a device. In first place in this category is this Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 13 (NP930QED-KA1DE) with a “good” (1.7). The device convinced the testers with consistently good performance, a very good display, long battery life and comparatively low weight. At 1220 euros, the flexible test winner is one of the cheaper representatives of its kind.

The luxury device from Microsoft, the SurfaceStudio, is the only device in the field with a different folding mechanism. You don’t fold the convertible backwards, but place the display on the keyboard with a hinge. This has the advantage that you can also use the Microsoft Surface Studio as a kind of upright drawing board, which is what the startest also had a positive effect (find out more here). Microsoft received the grade “good” (1.8) from Warentest, but is quite alone with a price of around 1700 euros – the competition costs an average of 300 to 600 euros less.

However, the starting prices for convertibles are generally higher than for ultrabook or notebooks, so you should first consider whether a tablet hybrid really makes sense for everyday work. Most devices come with a stylus, so the devices are particularly useful if you draw more often and use graphic applications. The devices are only suitable as a tablet for the couch to a limited extent, since they are quite difficult to hold at least 1050 grams compared to most tablets.