Spain, the next country where WhatsApp will allow payments in its app?

Spain, the next country where WhatsApp will allow payments in its app?
Spain, The Next Country Where Whatsapp Will Allow Payments In

In recent months we have been hearing news about the tests that WhatsApp has carried out in some countries of the world of its payment system through the app. A platform that will allow us, not only to send money to a contact through a chat, but also receive it. A fact that the entities that operate in the different territories in which Facebook want to settle will surely not like.

Proof of this is that after a first test in India (at the beginning of 2018), WhatsApp went to Brazil to try to implement the same payment system but the country’s monetary authorities forbade it. Do not think that these setbacks have made them falter in the idea of ​​achieving their goal and now from the messaging app new destinations have been marked and, one of them, is Spain.

Payment system through WhatsApp.

This is how it appears in the changelog of one of the latest beta versions of Android, 2.20.100, where it can be read that “WhatsApp is working to improve Payments for specific countries, in particular for Spain“, so very possibly we have news that we can already carry out small transactions between friends or family of small amounts soon. You know, those joint birthday gifts, or our part of the dinner last Friday that we could not pay” because not we had loose “.

It will be interesting to see if WhatsApp has reached some kind of agreement with Spanish banks and if the regulatory bodies do not see any kind of problem in which the messaging app engages in these tasks, as happened in the case of Brazil in mid-June. In any case, and along with the payments, there are other small news that do not seem too relevant.

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More news in the beta version

In addition to this clear reference to monetary transactions, the beta has also introduced other novelties that we could consider minor, and that serve to streamline existing functions. It is the case of la section that shows all the media files shared in a chat, which will load everything we have stored there faster, not only to find it more quickly, but also to manage it more efficiently. Also, WhatsApp has incorporated two new tones in its beta version: one for the moment we end a call, and a second when we want to make a conference within a group chat.