Spain meets its second vaccination goal: there are already more than 10 million fully vaccinated

Second Milestone 001
spain meets its second vaccination goal: there are already more

When the Government of Spain announced its specific vaccination targets, quantified and with specific deadlines, at the beginning of April, the rate was already better than that of the first weeks of the year, but we quickly understood that a sprint Remarkable for reaching the milestones marked on the calendar. The first of these, that of the five million people vaccinated with the complete regimen, was easily surpassed despite the problems we faced with AstraZeneca and Janssen. The second milestone, that of ten million vaccinated with the complete schedule for the first week of June, has also been reached just on time. Specifically, 10,257,209 Spaniards are already fully vaccinated according to the data just published by the Ministry of Health.

To get here, several setbacks had to be overcome: apart from the aforementioned AstraZeneca, the interruption in the administration of its doses and the extension of the original twelve to sixteen-week window between doses (something that in practice lengthens the term for full schedule vaccination); also the doubts surrounding Janssen due to the appearance of infrequent cases of blood clots after receiving this vaccine, especially in young women, and the announcement of the non-renewal of the contract with both its manufacturer and that of AstraZeneca. Spain prefers to focus on messenger RNA-based vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna).

Second Milestone 001

The first has been able to speed up production times, which has allowed it to ensure more doses delivered compared to the original deadlines. The second has a much lower penetration (for every dose Spain receives from Moderna, it receives six from Pfizer). Janssen, for his part, has shown its effect with half a million vaccinated with a single dose, without the need for a second, although the vast majority of acquired doses have not yet been delivered, so the escalation that this single-dose vaccine allows it will be more noticeable in the coming weeks.

19 million people vaccinated with at least one dose, 10 million full regimen

Being able to overcome the psychological barrier of the ten million people vaccinated with the complete schedule implies that the double dose has been administered (unique in the case of Janssen) 22% of the Spanish population. In total, more than 19 million citizens have received at least one dose, something that already confers a certain immunity after a few weeks of its administration, enough at least to reduce the probability of contracting severe symptoms and transmitting the virus to another person . Regardless of the importance of completing guidelines, every dose counts.

The next milestone of the vaccination campaign is dated for the week ending June 20, when the goal is to reach 15 million fully vaccinated Spaniards. The CombiVacs trial, which determined as feasible the option to mix vaccines to complete the regimen, something designed to close with Pfizer the cycle started with AstraZeneca in those under 60 who received the first dose, should help to overcome this and the following goals.

Second Milestone 002

It will also be essential that there are no unforeseen problems with vaccines or unexpected logistical problems. The administration of Janssen (Spain has insured more than 17 million doses for the first three quarters of the year, and at the moment it has only received less than a million) will allow to cut deadlines and add vaccinated full schedule directly with each dose. Pfizer’s nearly 44 million insured doses (only 18 million to date) will also be the foundation upon which to reach the next milestones up to 70% of the population – 33 million people – in the last week of August. The light at the end of the tunnel.