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Spain is already turning off 3G, but there are several problems to solve

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5G continues to gain ground and become one of the best options for connecting to the Internet from a mobile phone. More speed, less latency, more coverage. It is because of that spain is already turning off 3G to move forward, to make way for technologies that offer us a large number of advantages.

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As 5G continues to reach new territories and provinces, older networks stop making sense. But it is not so easy to turn it off: 5G does not reach everywhere and not even 4G does, so 3G networks are not yet turned off so that operators can reach any corner of Spain. The blackout has been postponed for years and what was scheduled for 2020 has not happened yet. Or not at all and by all operators. Now Spain is already turning off 3G, late.

3gWhy does 3G turn off? Doing so allows more network spectrum to be dedicated to 5G and for this technology to continue to grow everywhere. In addition, this spectrum would also be dedicated to the use of 4G, so we would not have a compatibility problem if we did not have, for now or at that point, a mobile phone that was compatible with 5G networks. It will go out soon and there are already some operators who have begun to turn it off gradually.

Will my operator stop having 3G?

The rhythm of each operator is different. vodafone has started to disconnect the 3G in the year 2022 but it is estimated that it will no longer be available throughout Spain from the year 2024. The blackout will not be total for more than a year in the case of the English operator. Others will take even longer. Telef√≥nica has confirmed that the results of this blackout will begin to be “for everyone” in 2025 and the same is true of Orange, which will not do without 3G for another two years.

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In 2025 it is expected that the progressive shutdown will come to an end, that it will be shut down definitively on this date and in all operators. We will run out of 3G but not without 4Gso the antennas of this one will have already been prepared.

What happens if 3G goes out?

Before turning off a specific zone, it is necessary to check that the users of that zone can continue using the services. As? Analyzing or viewing the IMEI of clients in that area we know what type of network they use. In the case of having very old phones that are not compatible with 5G or 4G, operators can send an SMS (something that Vodafone is already doing) warning that it is essential to change phones in a specific period of time if they do not want to run out service. By changing mobile and buying a current one, whatever the range, they will be able to connect to 4G without problems.

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2g 3g prohibited

There are not only customers or users with non-compatible phones, but also people who have not changed their phone for years and their SIM card is not compatible. These customers also receive an SMS from the operator telling them what they must do to be able to continue browsing the Internet. normally and request a SIM.

In principle, Spanish operators and brands ensure that There will not be any problem and that 4G will reach rural environments. If there are remote areas where this does not happen, 2G will continue to be active for that small part of the population that would have to settle for very low speeds and few options.

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