SpaceX space suits get a "5 star" rating from astronauts

Brian Adam

SpaceX space suits get a '5 star' rating from astronauts

Together with the company that made history, conducted by SpaceX and NASA, the astronauts of the test flight Demo-2 – Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken – wore for the first time the new spacesuits of the company towards the International Space Station.

I bet we’ve worn these clothes a couple of hundred times,” Hurley said during a press conference aboard the space station. SpaceX space suits were tailored for astronauts and therefore widely used during training for the Demo-2 mission.


The spacesuits are not designed for spacewalks, but only for launches and landings. “We should give the suits a five-star rating“Behnken points out during the discussion on clothing. The astronaut pointed out some of the primary functions of the spacesuit, such as fire protection or depressurization aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft.

The gloves were also designed to work with the spacecraft touchscreen. “One of the things that were important to do in the development of the suit was to make it easy to use, something the crew literally have to connect when they sit down and the suit takes care of their stuff,” said Space Tracksuit and crew manager Chris Trigg. We have seen all of these before: on the Tesla-led mannequin launched to Mars in 2018.