Space Connection: AST SpaceMobile and the revolution in mobile telecommunications

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the texan company AST SpaceMobile has made an unprecedented achievement: transmitting a 4G LTE signal from space to ordinary smartphones. This milestone opens new doors in the field of telecommunications and promises to transform the way we connect to the internet.

an unprecedented achievement

signal from space

In a historical fact, AST SpaceMobile managed to successfully transmit a 4G LTE signal from its BlueWalker 3 (BW3) satellite to regular smartphones. This achievement means that we could soon see internet connections coming directly from space.

Next step: 5G

The next big challenge for the company is to establish a connection 5G from space, which promises to considerably improve the speed and latency of connections.

Technical challenges and achievements

high speed connection

During tests in Hawaii, using AT&T spectrum and Nokia RAN technology, the signal reached speeds of up to 10.3Mbps. This speed is enough to carry out activities such as watching streaming videos or browsing the Internet.

cutting edge technology

BlueWalker 3, the satellite used for these tests, is the largest commercial communication array ever deployed in low Earth orbit. It uses the 3GPP standard, the same one found in terrestrial mobile phone networks.

overall impact

This AST SpaceMobile milestone is an essential step in bringing broadband services to parts of the world where mobile network coverage is non-existent or unstable. This will allow users to send text messages, make calls, surf the internet, download files and even stream videos using a signal transmitted from space. It is a ray of hope for those in rural or remote areas as they could enjoy similar connectivity to urban areas.

In today’s world, where internet connectivity is a basic necessity, this breakthrough could make a significant difference, helping to bridge the digital divide and bringing more people closer to the benefits of the digital world.

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