Soon you will be able to edit photos before sending them on WhatsApp

soon you will be able to edit photos before sending them on whatsapp
soon you will be able to edit photos before sending them on whatsapp

WhatsApp is an application that stands out for its ease of use and for being a pioneer in instant messaging via mobile. In terms of functions, the truth is that there are other apps that always take you several steps ahead. This does not mean that the Meta app does not bring news, on the contrary, they are always trying new alternatives. We have an example of this right now with the tests they carry out to edit photos before sending them on WhatsApp .

This new feature is under development, but WaBetaInfo managed to analyze it by installing the latest version of the WhatsApp Beta program.

WhatsApp prepares functions to edit photos

At the moment, when we want to send a photo on WhatsApp, the app allows us to add stickers, crop and rotate it, and also draw with a brush. However, they are looking to provide more options in this regard and they have revealed it in the new Beta version for Android. According to what can be seen, WhatsApp has added 2 additional brushes to edit photos. As we mentioned before, this feature is still in development and what’s in the app right now is a preview.

Additionally, within the code of the app it has been possible to see references oriented to a function to blur images. This would be an excellent move on the part of WhatsApp, considering that we do not find this function in apps like Telegram or Signal. So, it would represent a huge point in favor of WhatsApp when it comes to editing photos.

However, it is important to take into account the fact that we are talking about a test version and features that are still under development. In that sense, there is still no specific date for these alternatives to land in the stable version of WhatsApp.