Sony says Microsoft’s Game Pass is approaching 30 million subscribers

Sony says Microsoft's Game Pass is approaching 30 million subscribers

The investigation process of the merger between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard continues rolling in different parts of the world and in the midst of investigations, Microsoft tries to show how this will not be harmful to the industry while Sony presents a series of counterpoints and tries to prevent the transaction be approved.

In yet another wave of arguments against the deal, Sony claimed that PlayStation Plus is experiencing difficulties while Game Pass grows from strength to strength.

According to Sony, PlayStation Plus, its subscription service that underwent a reformulation in June this year, is not managing to keep up with the growth of the competitor, which would be even stronger if it put games from the portfolio of Activision Blizzard King in the catalog, more specifically, games from the Call of Duty franchise.

Apparently, Sony only considers PS Plus/Deluxe’s ​​Extra and Premium tiers in the comparison, which offer subscribers catalogs of downloadable games. However, the most curious thing is that Sony says that Game Pass is close to 30 million subscribers, which is more than the recent official number revealed by Xbox.

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Sony says that Microsoft already has a considerable advantage in subscription services and has more than 29 million Game Pass subscribers. In comparison, the new PS Plus subscription tiers are a far cry from that.

Officially, Microsoft revealed in January that the number of Game Pass subscribers was over 25 million, but Sony now claims that more than 4 million subscriptions were added over the course of 2022, which is an impressive number.

We don’t know what the actual impact of these claims will be on regulatory reviews, but Sony isn’t kidding.


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