Sony reveals the beginning of the tests of its new cloud gaming service


Sony is calling our attention a lot throughout these weeks, not only because recently advanced to be working on a portable game console with which to transmit via Wi-Fi the games that are already available on the PS5 consoles, online similar to what has been possible on other portable devices and desktop computers.

And it is that in addition, we continue to learn about the progress in the development of its own game transmission service from the cloud, where it will not only allow transmissions to be carried to the PS5 but could possibly also be present on the new portable console, although for now there is no official confirmation.

Everything now depends on the dates on which the launches take place, signing up for the launch of the new portable console for next November, but despite the leaks that are already taking place, it is better to be cautious and wait for the revelations. company officers.

For now it is known that the new console bears the code name Project Q and that it will have an eight-inch screen.

Sony takes gaming to the cloud with PlayStation Plus Premium

Regarding the new cloud gaming service, this will work under the subscription modality, bearing the name of PlayStation Plus Premium, and the first tests are currently being carried out and with which Sony hopes to be able to take users so that they can have access to a catalog of games with which to be able to play titles without the need for local downloads, with no horizon yet for their launch.

According to Nick Maguire, vice president of global services, global sales and business operations at Sony Interactive Entertainment:

We are currently testing cloud streaming for supported PS5 games; this includes PS5 titles from the PlayStation Plus game catalog and game tests, as well as compatible digital PS5 titles owned by players. When this feature launches, cloud game streaming for supported PS5 titles will be available to use directly on your PS5 console.

The development of this new service should not come as a surprise given the vacancies of offers in recent months, and for what more recently, just last May, the head of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, announced that he had “plans pretty aggressive” for cloud gaming.

It will allow you to have more games at hand without the need for downloads

Nick Maguire adds in today’s statement that:

We think it’s important for Premium members to be able to enjoy as many games as possible through cloud streaming. We’re in the early stages right now, and can’t wait to share more details when we’re ready, including a release time frame.

It will be interesting to know the details of this service and if it will help Microsoft in its Activision Blizzard acquisition plan as there is more competition in the cloud gaming services segment.

Interestingly, Sony and Microsoft came together in 2019 to develop future cloud gaming solutions, although no further information has been released since then, although everything points to the end of the partnership.

More Information/Image Credit: Sony

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