Sony PS5 DualSense Edge, this is the new elite controller for PS5

In the end the rumors have been fulfilled, Sony has presented the Dual Sense Edgea controller that is emerging as the Japanese company’s response to Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Controller, and which is committed to precisely the same approach, which means that it positions itself as a highly configurable and customizable top-of-the-range controller.

As with all controllers that offer a wide range of customization, the DualSense Edge is designed so that the player can fully adapt it to your needs and preferences, and to gain a possible advantage in competitive games. It is important that you keep in mind that a control of this type is not going to make you a good player overnight, but it can help you improve your performance in games.

At the design level, the DualSense Edge maintains the essence of the standard model, as we can see in the attached video and in the cover image. With it we can access various adjustments and modifications, including from the activation, deactivation and reassignment of buttons to the modification of the sensitivity of the analog sticks, something very useful to fine-tune precision and improve our aim based on the particularities of each game.

We can also create and store different profiles that we can load instantly depending on the game we are using, we will have the possibility of change the cap of the analog sticks to customize the touch and grip of them and will have interchangeable triggers and rear buttons. At the level of integrated technology and performance, it will be at the level of the original DualSense, so in this sense we will have nothing to fear.

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Unfortunately we do not have details about the launch date of the DualSense Edge, and the sale price has not been revealed either, so right now we are in a situation of uncertainty in both directions. However, I can tell you in advance that its price is going to be significantly higher than that of the original DualSense, something perfectly understandable considering everything it offers.

I personally think it is likely I ended up hovering around the strip of 150 eurosa figure that would place it at a fairly competitive level if we take into account what we can currently find in the market for customizable controls, and the prices that move in this sector, where it is easy to find products of more than 200 euros .