Sony presents the perfect sound bar for your living room: with Dolby Atmos and very compact

The Japanese manufacturer is one of the main players in the sound sector, thanks to a product catalog that has positioned Sony as one of the most renowned manufacturers. And now, They have just expanded their line of sound bars with a compact size Dolby Atmos model perfect for your living room.

We talk about the Sony HT-S2000a Dolby Atmos sound bar and, although it has been designed for small spaces, it allows you to connect satellite speakers and a subwoofer to achieve a more immersive soundscape.

New Sony HT-S2000 sound bar, with Dolby Atmos and measured size

How could it be otherwise, Sony HT-S2000 is a Dolby Atmos compatible sound bar. In case you don’t know this surround sound technology, it is the future of the sector.

Unlike traditional sound systems that use standard audio channels, Dolby Atmos uses an object-based approach to sound. Instead of assigning different sounds to specific channels, sound objects in Dolby Atmos are treated as individual entities that can be positioned and moved in three-dimensional space. This allows for a more immersive and realistic sound experience, as sounds can be played from any direction, even from above.

In addition, the Sony HT-S2000 features three X-Balanced speakers located to the left, center and right of the sound bar. With this, it is achieved that the sound is better distributed throughout the room.

With a total of 250W powerMore than enough for any room, the new Sony HT-S2000 sound bar has other sound technologies such as Dolby Digital, DTS:X, Dolby Dual Mono, LCPM 2ch, DTS, and DTS:X.

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By having 3.1 channels It couldn’t offer Dolby Atmos, but Sony uses its S-Force PRO Front Surround, Vertical Surround Engine, DTS Virtual:X, Stereo to Surround Upmixer technologies to achieve an immersive soundscape that won’t let you down.

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To achieve the enveloping effect, the Japanese manufacturer has used the technologies S-Force PRO Front Surround, Vertical Surround Engine, DTS Virtual:X, Stereo to Surround Upmixer.

A sound bar that has different modes, especially noteworthy the Night mode so you can watch movies and series without disturbing anyoneand features HDMI eARC, optical, a USB port, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Price and release date of the Sony HT-S2000

Regarding the price and release date of this Dolby Atmos sound bar, lThe Sony HT-S2000 will arrive in Spain in June at a price of 449 euros. A very attractive figure for a model that is going to be positioned as the best alternative to the Sonos Beam.