Sony introduces the DualSense Edge

dual sense edge anuncio.jpg
dual sense edge anuncio.jpg

What can be better than a DualSense? Well, a DualSense Pro or what is the same a Dual Sense Edge. Yesterday Sony I present a high-performance model of your controller for PlayStation 5, which is already a marvel.

While Microsoft launched the “premium” controls for its consoles a few years ago, Sony debuts with a peripheral that will allow you to assign and deactivate certain buttons, adjust the sensitivity of the analog ones and configure different profiles depending on what let’s go play

It has rear buttons to assign to the command that most interests us and all this without losing its key features such as haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and the integrated microphone. In addition, it allows you to exchange both the analog covers and the rear buttons. Like the “basic” model, we can charge it using a USC Type-C cable, which will be included.


A very interesting command that we need to know both the release date and its price, something capital to see if you bet on this Dual Sense Edge pays off or not. Sony has promised that in the coming months we will have more information.