Sony DualSense Edge: Wireless, configurable gamepad for Playstation 5

The new input device for Sony’s gaming console is completely customizable – similar to the Xbox Elite Controller. Buttons and analog sticks can be swapped out.

Sony announced its new “DualSense Edge Wireless Controller” for Playstation 5 at Gamescom. The wireless gamepad relies on almost complete customization on the part of the user, as Microsoft demonstrated years ago with its Xbox Wireless Elite Controller. In addition, individual buttons, the analogue stick and their heads can be exchanged.

With the analog sticks of the DualSense Edge, the player can choose between three heads with different surfaces: standard, high-dome and low-dome. The stick modules can be completely changed – they are sold separately. The buttons on the back, which can also be exchanged, with which you can choose between half-dome and lever, can be assigned other functions as desired, like all other buttons.

There are also special fine adjustments. For example, the sensitivity of various buttons and the dead zones of the analog sticks can be adjusted so that an action is triggered more quickly after pressing it. As with many other configurable controllers, the DualSense Edge allows you to save different profiles, for example for different games. The gamer can quickly switch between the profiles during the game using a dedicated button and also adjust the volume and chat balance.

The DualSense Edge for Playstation 5 comes with a sleeved USB-C cable that is designed to securely connect to the gamepad through a connector shell to prevent accidental unplugging. There is also a carrying bag for all components, in which the controller can also be charged via USB.

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Sony only presented the DualSense Edge during the Gamescom Opening Night 2022 and there is no information about availability and price yet. The gamepad should still be a bit long in coming. Sony has announced that more details on the wireless DualSense Edge will follow over the next few months, including a launch date.