Sonos prepares its own voice assistant with a launch for next month

sonos voice asistente de voz 1000x600.jpg
sonos voice asistente de voz 1000x600.jpg

Announced a few months ago, it seems that Sonos is finally ready for the launch of Sonos Voicehis own voice assistant, which would arrive in just a few weeks, dated for on June 1 as a software update.

As shared from The Verge, this assistant would offer voice control for music playback on several of the brand’s devices, including smart speakers and sound bars compatible with the S2 platform, offering owners an alternative to using other assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

And it seems that Sonos Voice will be compatible with music applications such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Deezer or the Sonos Radio service itself, although unfortunately it seems that other services such as Spotify and YouTube Music would have been left out.

As expected, the activation of the voice assistant will be carried out by a “Hey Sonos”, in line with the rest of the attendees. As for its functionalities, we will mainly have the ability to request Sonos devices to play artists, albums, songs or playlists. Although we can also control other smart home products through Alexa or Google Assistant. Furthermore, according to reports, voice commands will be handled exclusively on the deviceso no type of recording or processing will be done in the cloud, thus promising to maintain the privacy of users.

So, without a doubt, this is really interesting news for the future of the company, which already has numerous devices such as sound bars and all kinds of speakers, including some collaborations with Ikea, opening up great possibilities in the world of home automation and smart home.

While this software update is currently only planned for the United States, Sonos Voice is expected to reach other territories where the company operates, such as Europe, in the coming months. What is not clear is how long this could take, given the fact that the voice assistant will have to be adapted to the different languages.

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