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Song Engineer Lite, a different way to compose songs on your smartphone

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Mobile applications geared towards music creation have come a long way and right now, it is possible to record an entire song on a smartphone. However, the difference between the available options is what makes the interesting point about which one to use. In that sense, we want to recommend one that allows you to compose songs on your smartphone with a totally different mechanism than what we are used to.

If you like creating music and experimenting with different ways of doing it , then you must meet Song Engineer Lite.

What you need to compose songs on your smartphone

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Musical composition is something that requires talent, practice, and also study. Although there are many musicians who have achieved impressive things empirically, today there are tools that have facilitated many processes. However, an area that may be more interesting is that which has been dedicated to creating solutions for composing songs on the smartphone. In that sense, we want to talk about Song Engineer Lite and its proposal.

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This application for Android offers the possibility of creating your song on your smartphone, based on the structure you define. That is, the input data that we will enter into the app will be the location of the verses, the intro and the choruses. By marking where each one will be found, we can choose the predefined sounds and chord combinations that are also by default.

In this way, the application through its intelligent algorithm will be in charge of generating an instrument. Finally, you can store the result on your smartphone and then take it to your application or any computer program that you use to record and create your song. Song Engineer Lite is a very interesting way to get original instrumentals that you can use for your compositions.

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