Sonar glasses: a new form of silent communication

Technology is advancing rapidly in our world today, and it is no surprise that communication is one of the areas where great advances have been made. In this sense, a group of researchers from Cornell University has developed special glasses that allow silent communication through the use of sonar.

The creation of sonar glasses

Sonar glasses are a device that consists of a small microphone and speaker that are placed on the bottom of the glasses lenses. These microphones and speakers use sonar technology to interpret the movements of the user’s mouth when speaking silently. In this way, the sonar glasses can carry out a series of actions based on the orders that the user emits with his mouth.

How sonar glasses work

The operation of the sonar glasses is simple. The device only needs a few minutes of training to learn the user’s speech pattern. Once trained, the glasses can send and receive sound waves across the user’s face, analyzing the echo profile in real time using a deep learning algorithm. With this system, sonar glasses are around 95% accurate.

Data processing is done wirelessly via the user’s mobile phone, making the device small and unobtrusive. The sonar glasses battery lasts for around 10 hours of use for acoustic detection. Another important advantage is that the data is not sent outside the user’s phone, which guarantees the user’s privacy.

Practical uses of sonar glasses

Sonar glasses have a wide range of practical uses. One of the most obvious applications is the control of electronic devices without the need to use hands or voice. For example, they can be used to pause or skip songs in a music player without making any noise, or to type passwords on your phone without touching the screen. They can also be useful for 3D and CAD design without the need for a keyboard.

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However, the most important application of sonar glasses is their potential for people with speech disabilities. Many people with speech disabilities have difficulty communicating verbally, which can be a significant barrier to everyday life. Sonar glasses may allow these people to communicate with others more effectively.

Sonar glasses are an exciting example of how technology can improve our lives in significant ways. Although they are still a prototype, it is likely that we will see commercial versions of the sonar glasses in the near future.

Here is a video with more details: