Someone has turned their Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 into a kind of Windows Phone

samsung galaxy z fold4 con aspecto de windows.jpg
samsung galaxy z fold4 con aspecto de windows.jpg

Samsung’s latest foldable smartphones are on sale now, and some users are finding interesting ways to personalize their experience. An owner of the Galaxy Z Fold4 has managed to transform his device into something very similar to a Windows phone. YouTuber Mark Spurrell shows in a video the process he followed to make his Galaxy Z Fold4 look like a Windows Phone on the outside and a full Windows 10 PC on the inside screen. It may seem like a complicated process, but according to Spurrell, it only takes two Android launchers and tweaking a few Bixby routines. The result is a flip phone that displays the famous (and forgotten) Windows Phone tiles when closed. They’re pretty customizable, as Spurrell demonstrates, by moving and resizing tiles and even changing icons to match what you normally see on a Windows Phone. Inside, the experience is completely different. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 displays a desktop similar to Windows 10, with shortcuts and a start menu that shows all your applications. In the bottom left corner are widgets for the clock and calendar, a shortcut to quick settings, and a full panel for settings and notifications that replaces the drop-down notification screen. Spurrell notes that the process isn’t perfect, especially since the phone is constantly switching between launchers.

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