Some SATA hard drives are incompatible with the new Mac pro 2023

apple wwdc23 mac pro m2 ultra 3d simulations 01 230605.jpg
apple wwdc23 mac pro m2 ultra 3d simulations 01 230605.jpg

Just a few days old on the market for the new Mac Pro presented on June 5, some failures are already being seen. Failures and decisions made by Apple bosses that may not be well understood. The company’s new, most powerful computer has some peculiarities that we will now discuss related to the expansion of the PCIe cards and SATA hard drives.

On June 5 at the WWDC 2023 presentation, Apple unveiled what is the improved version of the brand’s most powerful computer. We talk about Mac Pro and of its great capacities and functions that it can achieve. Remember that it can drop about 192 Gbs of Memory and has up to 72 GPU cores. That means the video editing features are masterful.

In fact, the key to all of this is precisely those 72 GPU cores that make the Mac Pro graphics perform above average and of course better than its predecessor. But while it’s good news, it has rigged, one that is not so much.

This Mac Pro has the capacity to add up to six PCIe cards. The slots are empty and although they are not necessary to add an additional screen, for example, since thanks to the M2 Ultra it is capable of associating up to 8 screens with a brutal resolution, if we could want to expand that graph. But Apple is not for the job. He has decided that the M2 Ultra is capable of solving what we ask of it and the Mac Pro it does not support further graphic expansion. It is what there is by decision of Apple.

So, let’s use that PCIe space productively. We are going to add SATA hard drives to expand storage space. For this part there is no problem, they can be added. However there seems to be a problem in the operating system. It happens that when the Mac Pro stays in suspension, when it starts again, it does not start those hard drives, being disabled. So we cannot continue the work where we left off.

Apple has acknowledged the error. That’s a good thing, because the fix that appears to be coming in the form of a macOS update is already in the works. We don’t know when but I don’t think it will take too long.