Some Pixel owners are getting Android 12 instead of Android 13

analisis pixel 6a teknofilo 1.jpg
analisis pixel 6a teknofilo 1.jpg

After months of testing, Google released Android 13 yesterday and began rolling out the update to all compatible Pixel phones, fixing more than 100 bugs.

If you are a Pixel owner, you are the first to receive the OTA update on your device. However, many Pixel users are reporting that instead of Android 13, are again receiving the update to Android 12 to download on your device.

In Twitter and in Reddit, many Pixel users claim to have received a 2GB Android 12 update on their phones. Some Pixel owners who were brave enough to download and install the update They report that your phone reinstalled Android 12.


In some cases, Android 13 appeared for download after reinstalling the previous version of the operating system. Mainly Pixel 6 users seem to be affected by the problem, though some Pixel 4a and 5a owners are also getting Android 12.

If you’re in the same boat as other Pixel users, you can try restarting your phone to see if Android 13 shows up to download on your phone. If not, you have to wait until Google fixes the problem.