Some Apple HomePods are ‘breaking’ for no apparent reason, and at the moment there is no solution

Last June, Apple’s HomePods turned four years old from the moment they were presented and right now, in 2021, we can already affirm that they have been one of the great failures of Apple in recent years: they have not reached the levels of sales that were expected and to counteract this impact, those of Cupertino have resorted to a Mini model of just 99 euros in price. With the HomePod, those of Tim Cook were convinced that even because they were them, users were going to agree to pay for a speaker, with Siri, the asking price of more than 300 euros. Proof of this is that right now in the official online store, there are only references to the smallest device. Anyway, there are quite a few users who have the original model and, some, are even seeing how it crashes and stops working. Broken and without apparent solution As discovered by 9to5Mac, some users are reporting that their HomePods are stopping working after installing recent software updates, specifically two: on the one hand, 14.6, which is the official one for all users, and on the other, 15, which is in beta after being presented last month at Apple’s WWDC 2021. In both cases, the speakers stopped working. One of the affected users, who claims to have 19 in total scattered around the house, published in internet forums that of all of them, some were broken after the updates and he has not been able to recover them in any way. Specifically, four with the software version 14.6 and another three with the most recent. In some cases it was HomePods that the user was using as speakers connected wirelessly to their Apple TV. In his message you can read that “I have a total of 19 HomePods at home. Six of them are in Beta and the others in 14.6. As of today, seven no longer work. Four in beta [15] and three in 14.6. I use the HomePods normally and listen to music from time to time, but not very loud, on average around 20% of the volume. All of the beta version are connected as default speakers on the Apple TV. “This alleged bricking of the HomePods comes at a time when many of them no longer have Apple’s warranty support, the famous AppleCare that covers us. certain incidents and problems. Although in this case it remains to be seen what is causing the errors: perhaps a version of the software that does not get along with a certain hardware model? We will see, but for the moment the company has not commented on respect.