Sold on Amazon, this children’s tablet is full of malware

It’s a child’s toy, perhaps not so harmless. According to a report published this Thursday by the American media TechCrunch , a children’s tablet marketed on Amazon presents risks. It was a cybersecurity researcher who made this discovery, analyzing the toy that her daughter had received for her birthday. Inside the “Dragon Touch KidzPad Y88X” many programs that are dangerous for user data have been discovered.

Software classified as malicious

The Corejava software was notably present on the tablet. However, the latter was already categorized as malicious last January by the cybersecurity company Malwarebytes. In this case, it appears that it was inactive. But, it was programmed to send data to dormant servers. Hackers could hijack the product or add other software to it.

In addition, the researcher spotted the presence of Adups software, also classified as malicious and potentially unwanted by Malwarebytes. It also allows malware to be downloaded from the Internet without user action.

Amazon warned

Finally, the tablet was equipped with an outdated Android version that dates back five years. Its security level is therefore not up to date.

The mother tried to report the problem to the company that markets the tablet, with no response. Amazon’s spokesperson responded to TechCrunch on the subject. He assures that the company “is examining these allegations and will take appropriate action if necessary”. The toy no longer appears to be available to French customers this Friday on Amazon.


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