SofySense: The no-code, AI-powered mobile app testing solution

Software testing platform Sofy has launched its latest offering, SofySense, which combines artificial intelligence (AI) and no-code automation to offer quality assurance (QA) support to software developers. With this solution, testers can focus on critical tasks while Sofy’s generative and intelligent chatbot, Sofybot, provides accurate and fast responses to specific test queries.

What is SofiaSense?

SofySense is a mobile app testing solution that uses artificial intelligence technology to speed up the software testing process. The platform uses OpenAI language models to provide advanced insights, analysis, and support for an organization’s QA needs. SofySense also offers a one-click conversion from manual to automated testing, making it easy to generate insights from all testing activities on the platform.

How does SofySense work?

SofySense uses a generative and intelligent chatbot called Sofybot to provide quality assurance (QA) support to software developers. Testers can ask Sofybot to summarize the progress of their current release, highlighting device coverage and any crashes that may have occurred during testing. Sofybot can read Confluence or other technical documentation tools and generate test cases.

Engineers can also use Sofy’s no-code automation feature to automate their test cases. Instead of a custom reporting tool, testers can use the AI ​​generative chatbot to generate clear and easy-to-understand reports.

What advantages does SofySense offer?

According to Sofy, software developers spend between 20% and 50% of their time on testing, which represents almost a third of total IT spend. SofySense reduces test time by generating test cases, eliminating the need for test research and design. Test cases become automated tests instead of spending time writing automation code. SofySense also analyzes the results to detect problems and provides reporting assistance.

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Sofy CEO Syed Hamid said that SofySense uses AI technology comparable to OpenAI’s GPT chatbot, which can generate human-like text in a matter of seconds. Hamid explained that the platform has usefully enabled AI technology to help testers build and run tests in seconds.

What future does SofySense have?

Sofy has announced that its future plan is to integrate non-functional tests through the use of generative artificial intelligence. They are also working on accessibility testing without human intervention and security testing using the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines. Sofy’s goal is to significantly reduce efforts in test creation, execution, and maintenance, which would allow the company’s engineering teams to focus on critical tasks and improve product launch times.