Non-linear Thinking with Diana Montalion

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voonze Developer presents the videocast by Eberhard Wolff and Lisa Moritz: In this episode, Diana Montalion presents the approach of non-linear thinking.


We are used to linear thinking – but only non-linear thinking and systems thinking help with many modern challenges around software architecture. Diana Montalion is an expert in these techniques and regularly applies them to software architectures. In the current episode of the videocast, she discusses with Eberhard Wolff how non-linear thinking helps in software architecture and why it is important.


Montalion is a founder and principal at Mentrix in New York, where she advises on architecture issues. She looks back on more than twenty years of professional experience in predominantly technical positions and management roles. The current episode is in English as the conversation will be in her native language. The talk is available as a live stream here and on YouTube at the usual time:


The charisma finds on Friday, October 7, 2022 at 12 p.m (CEST) live, the episode will be available as a recording afterwards. During the live stream, questions can be asked via Twitch or YouTube chat, via Twitter to @ewolff or submit anonymously using the form on the videocast website. is a videocast by Eberhard Wolff, blogger and podcaster voonze developer and well-known software architect in the service of the IT consulting company INNOQ. Since June 2020, more than 100 episodes have been created that highlight different areas of software architecture – sometimes with guests, sometimes with Wolff alone. Binds for two years now voonze developer streamed the new episodes via YouTube in the online channel so that viewers from Heise Medien can follow the videocast.

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