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software-architektur.tv: Encouraging Engineering Excellence

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voonze Developer presents the video cast by Eberhard Wolff and Lisa Moritz. Today on the topic of careers with Johannes Mainusch and Robert Albrecht – in English.

Are you a level 10 expert in Vue.js, Flutter or TypeScript, or are you still struggling with level 2? And what has your company done for your career? And why should you care about such levels at all?

While companies are often very good at ensuring the success of the company, people’s development is often not really considered and implemented. Together with some experts from different companies, we started to formalize the development of experts and knowledge in a culture that values ​​experts and publish the results in a Creative Commons licensed document. In this episode, Johannes Mainusch, Robert Albrecht and Eberhard Wolff talk about skills, skill levels, personal development paths and salaries – this time in English.

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Robert Albrecht has been working in IT for 15 years and currently works as an engagement manager, coach and leadership and strategy consultant at Equal Experts. Johannes Mainusch is manager and coach at kommitment. His focus is on agile management and transformations.

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