Social media app Parler back in Google Play Store

social media app parler back in google play store.jpg
social media app parler back in google play store.jpg

After Apple, Google has now released the controversial network Parler again in the Play Store. The app was blocked after the attack on the Capitol.

In January 2021, Parler was banned from the app stores. The reason was the lack of moderation of the content, which included calls for an attack on the US Capitol. Apple released the network again in May of this year. Now Google is following too.

According to Bloomberg, the controversial social network has revised its moderation rules and said it will remove posts that incite violence, for example. However, there appears to be some sort of deal in place, The Verge reports. Accordingly, the company has said in the past that it can remain in Apple’s App Store because all contributions appearing in the app are checked and, if necessary, deleted. The questionable content persisted in the web-based application and an Android version (which was not available through the Play Store). It also said they have algorithms that detect content that violates their policies. It is unclear whether this exception still applies.

Parler describes itself as a platform for free speech. It is a counter-offer to the usual social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, which, however, are increasingly taking action against false information, racism and hate speech. During and after the 2020 US presidential election, the network saw a surge of activity, with supporters of Donald Trump gathering here as the unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud by the president-elect were not deleted here.

After the attack on the Capitol, which is said to have been coordinated via Parler, among other things, the network was initially switched off everywhere. Amazon had terminated the contract for the use of Amazon Web Services (AWS), an alternative only emerged about a month later. The US cloud provider Skysilk took over. However, all previous entries are said to have been gone, and all users were able to log in with their old data.

Google requires apps with user-generated content to be extensively controlled. For example, “Truth Social”, Donald Trump’s attempt to establish his own social network, has not yet been published in the Play Store – there are no effective systems for moderating posts, according to Google as a reason.


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