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So you can use the Telegram application on the new Apple Watch

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More and more people decide to use the messaging application Telegram. This offers sections -and there are not a few- in which it surpasses WhatsApp without palliatives. Therefore, you may want to control the notifications that come to you from this app. with the new Apple Watch it is possible to achieve it, and we tell you what you have to do to achieve it.

The steps we are going to show are the ones you should use with both the Apple Watch Series 8 and the ultra-rugged version Watch Ultra. That is, the two wearables that the North American firm presented together with the new range of iPhone 14 phones. What you have to do will not take you long. But, if you do not activate the options that we will indicate, you will not be able to watch on smart watch screen the notices that are generated in Telegram -and you will be forced to check the smartphone-.

How to see Telegram notifications on Apple Watch

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The Telegram application has been available in the Apple ecosystem for a long time, and there is no shortage of its own that you can use in the Cupertino company’s wearable accessories. We show you the different settings that you must establish so that the operation is perfect:

Getting started on iPhone

Download the Telegram application for the phone and the smart watch from the terminal with which you have paired the Apple Watch.

  • Sign in to both, then go to iPhone Settings and go to the Notifications section.
  • Go to the bottom until you find a place where it says Signal and Telegram, Here you need to enable the corresponding slider to Allow notifications and show them in Notification Center.
  • Here, you are done.

Settings on Apple Watch

  • Open the app on your smartwatch, then select the My Watch tab.
  • Now select the option Notifications and, in this place, activate the indicator itself called Notification. Besides, you should enable additional options like Show summary and Show full notifications so that you can read everything that arrives in the messages.
  • Then you have to search Show notification on the wrist down and find Signal and Telegram here. Press to activate the corresponding option.
  • If you want, you can use the App Settings to make the watch ring when receiving something or make a haptic vibration.
  • You have finished.

It seems like a long thing, but actually just two or three minutes once you have the applications installed on the iPhone and also on the Apple Watch. So, if you want to get the most out of Telegram with your new smartwatch, be sure to set these settings.


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